Luxury Vegan Soy Wax Candles At An Affordable Price Making The Perfect Gift

370g Luxury Pomegranate Scented 3 Wick Soy Wax Vegan Candle With An Inspirational Quote

RELAX YOUR MIND & INDULGE YOUR SENSES! There is no better way to kick back and relax after a stressing day at work, than putting on some soothing music and sink in a warm bathtub, while the atmosphere is filled with the calming scent of your new candles!

CLASSY DESIGN WITH INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE! Delivered to you in a gorgeous gift box, our candles are covered with a heart-warming, inspirational quote. Along with their amazing scent, these candles are bound to lift your spirits and better your mood! Box Set Making The Perfect Present Or Décor Idea Message on The Box - "YOU ARE KIND, LOVED & IMPORTANT" Message On The Candle - "POMEGRANTATE - LOVE ME"

ECO-FRIENDLY, VEGAN SOY WAX CANDLE! Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, soy-made candles have a variety of other advantages; they burn cleaner, produce little to no soot, last longer and are biodegradable - talk about many birds with one stone!

OFFER YOUR LOVED ONES AN INSPIRATIONAL GIFT! No gift can compare to a high-quality scented candle; impressive to look at, affordable AND practical! Each candle has up to 35 hours of burn time & has 3 wicks. DIMENSIONS Glass size: 11*8cm with soy wax 370g Box size:12.2*12.2*8.6cm

WIDE RANGE OF FRAGRANCES AND AROMAS! Choose from our fantastic collection of aromatic combinations, which allow you to create any kind of atmosphere you prefer; calming, sensual, relaxing, or erotic!

WHAT DOES POMEGRANATE SMELL LIKE? Like the power of new romance, effortlessly transform the mood with our luxuriously rich and wonderfully warming notes of aromatic pomegranate, which are laced with soothing patchouli and amber accords. Fruity, uplifting and timeless.

 Not All Luxury Scented Candles Are The Same!

Plain old paraffin candles are not only less healthy for you, with all the petroleum-based pollutants they release, but they are also burning slower and a higher temperature, which makes them a lot less cost-effective.

Plus, soy wax candles are completely non-toxic, they are ideal for vegan gifts, burn cooler, don't stain at all, and they are biodegradable and water-soluble; and these are just some of their features! Not to mention that they are a way better candle choice for people suffering from allergies or asthma!

Last, but not least, our luxury scented soy wax candles come in a gorgeous, elegant, chic gift box, and are ideally suitable to be used as house, wedding favour, or baby shower decorations - there's no limit to their uses!

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