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Love Mugs

Love, love, love.

Nothing else makes the world turn with so much passion, aside from love, right? Whether it’s love for a parent, a sibling, or a friend, there’s no denying that love has a profound impact on us.

So, if you’re looking to express your love on a daily basis, our love mug is the perfect gift! Aside from the thoughtful messages that say“I Love You for All That You Are…”,I Love You…”, and“I Fell in Love With You,” mugs are also very intimate items. People have a personal connection with the mugs that they own. Giving our love mugs to someone important to you will let them know how much you care about them!

These Love Mugs are:

  • made from high-grade ceramic
  • dishwasher and microwave safe 
  • white and glossy
  • comes in 11oz or 15 oz sizes

Check out our different messages of love that you can choose from.

They are simple and elegant that they would look great in any kitchen or on any desk at work.


*As our way of supporting the use of sustainable materials, this product is made on-demand. Please expect delivery from 10 to 15 days upon order.

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