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What gifts should you never give?

What gifts should you never give?

What Gifts Should You Never Give

Deciding what is the best gift to give a loved one can be a challenge at the best of times. Trying to decide what is a thoughtful gift, or trying to find an answer to the question “what gifts last forever” can be time-consuming and difficult. However, there is an extra complication to add into the mix – the gifts never to give to a loved one, no matter what!

There are certain things you should not give as a gift regardless of the occasion. 

There are some presents that would be considered “bad luck” gifts for a relationship while others would be just insulting gifts to give someone. 

That’s why it’s important to keep common sense in mind when you’re choosing presents – after all, we’ve all heard stories about husbands who bought ironing boards or vacuum cleaners for their wives for their birthdays – some of the worst gifts to give a woman! 

If you’re struggling to know the answer to the question “how do you pick a meaningful gift?” it might be best to start with the things that should not be gifted in the first place. 

So, here, we take a closer look at what would be the most insulting gift or worst gift ever so that you can avoid embarrassment and awkwardness at the next event you’re invited to. 


What Would Be The Worst Gift To Give? 

There are certain things you should give as a gift and other gifts not to give to a woman or a man in your life. 

So, what is the worst gift to give?

The answer, of course, will depend on the individual. But, essentially, something that would be considered to be the worst possible gift would be something that is entirely inappropriate. 

A gift that the recipient is allergic to, is afraid of, or dislikes intensely would, of course, be a terrible choice.

 Another terrible gift idea would be anything that is perceived as insulting to the recipient. 

For example, someone who is overweight probably won’t appreciate receiving a membership to a gym or a diet club, while someone who suffers with a skin problem probably won’t be too happy to receive some spot cream for their birthday! 


What Would Be Bad Luck Gifts For A Relationship?

Some gifts are just bad because they represent bad luck. If the recipient is a superstitious person, they may not appreciate a gift that is traditionally associated with negativity, problems or unhappiness. For example, gloves have long been linked to bad luck in a relationship, indicating that a fight is likely to ensue. 


What gifts are bad luck?

Scissors, knives, gloves, opals and surprisingly shoes are all bad luck when received as gifts. 

Some people believe that if you buy shoes for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is believed that it will cause a break up because shoes need to be in pairs. This means that a couple who are dating could be cursed to go different ways.


What to give someone who doesn't like gifts?

If you have to give a gift to someone who doesn’t like them, it might be best to choose a voucher or give money instead. Alternatively, a gift experience might be a better option. 


What to get someone who doesn't know what they want for Christmas?

If somebody hasn’t got a clue what they want for Christmas, a shopping voucher would be a good idea so that they can take their time to choose the perfect item. 


What gift do you give someone that has everything?

If the recipient in question seems to have everything, you might want to give them a gift experience instead such as a racing car driving day or a chocolate making workshop. That way, they can enjoy the day and the memories that it brings. 


What do girls like as gifts?

There is no single generic gift that all girls will love, however most will appreciate jewellery or flowers. Cosmetics are also a popular choice. 

But If you are thinking of gifting her a thoughtful and inspirational gift fit, checkout our inspirational frames, candles, mugs, and very affordable digital designs.

Natalia Nicholson
Natalia Nicholson

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